Applications watch plateform of maritime carriage

There are several applications and platforms designed to enhance various aspects of maritime operations. Here are some examples:

  1. AIS (Automatic Identification System) Platforms:
    • MarineTraffic, VesselFinder, and others provide real-time vessel tracking using AIS technology. These platforms allow users to monitor the movements of ships, access vessel details, and track maritime traffic.
  1. Fleet Management Systems:
    • Companies like VesselWatch offer fleet management systems that provide comprehensive solutions for vessel monitoring, performance analysis, and maintenance scheduling.
  1. Weather Routing Services:
    • Applications like StormGeo and WNI (Weathernews Inc.) provide weather routing services for maritime transportation. These tools help ships optimize their routes based on current and forecasted weather conditions, improving safety and efficiency.
  1. Port Management Systems:
    • Ports use various software solutions to manage and optimize their operations. Examples include Navis N4 for container terminal operations and Saab’s KleinPort for comprehensive port management.
  1. Cargo Tracking Platforms:
    • Platforms like INTTRA or CargoSmart provide services for tracking and managing cargo shipments. These tools often integrate with various stakeholders in the supply chain, including shipping lines, freight forwarders, and shippers.
  1. Electronic Navigation Systems:
    • Electronic chart systems like ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) and navigation software such as Transas Navi-Sailor contribute to safe and efficient maritime navigation.
  1. Ship Management Software:
    • Ship management software, such as Spectec’s AMOS, is used for vessel maintenance, inventory management, and regulatory compliance.
  1. Maritime Communication Platforms:
    • Communication platforms like Inmarsat and VSAT providers offer satellite-based communication services for maritime vessels, supporting voice, data, and internet connectivity.
  1. Compliance and Regulatory Platforms:
    • Applications like DNV’s Navigator and Lloyd’s List Intelligence assist maritime professionals in staying compliant with industry regulations and provide information on regulatory changes.

These platforms contribute to the efficiency, safety, and overall management of maritime carriage. Keep in mind that the availability and popularity of specific platforms may vary, and new technologies may emerge over time