Oplaa Board

Aleksandar LE COMTE, president

Aleksandar Le Comte, at the helm of Oplaa.Tech, brings a breadth and depth of expertise that is essential to driving an innovative technology company in today’s digital landscape. His co-founding of London Internet Satellite Exchange reveals a key competence in advanced communications technologies, particularly relevant to Oplaa.Tech if the company aims to improve access and connectivity in geographically or infrastructure constrained regions.

His role as a member of IPSE and geopolitical analyst of the military-industrial complex enriches Oplaa.Tech with a strategic perspective on the security and political implications of the technologies it develops or deploys, an asset when navigating international regulations and global markets.

In leading sustainable development and reconstruction initiatives in the Balkans, Aleksandar has demonstrated an ability to manage large-scale, complex projects aligned with sustainable development goals. This experience is crucial for Oplaa.Tech, especially as the company embarks on technology projects that aim to have a positive impact on the environment and societies.

His expertise in the real estate sector and his role as an advisor to governments and financial institutions give Oplaa.Tech an in-depth knowledge of the financial and real estate markets, useful for exploring innovative technological solutions in these areas.

In short, Aleksandar Le Comte leads Oplaa.Tech with a vision that embraces communications technology, security and geopolitics, sustainable development, as well as finance and real estate. These diverse skills and experience ideally position Oplaa.Tech to innovate and excel in the development of technological solutions that meet contemporary and future challenges.

Francois DE LA CHEVALERIE, secretary general

François de CHEVALERIE span over 35 years. Since 2010, he is the CEO of ITgium, headquarters in Hong Kong, on one hand, a trading company (flows of goods between China PRC and México) and, on the other hand, a technological cluster with a special focus on chemistry. Since its creation, ITGIUM brought together a wide range of inventors and researchers involved in various fields as, for instance, decontamination, treatment of hazardous material, sediment valorization, recycling, and energy efficiency. Member of the Charles de Gaulle Foundation (since 2001), board member (2002-2005), from time to time, he expresses his views for newspapers (les Echos, Le Monde, China Daily, Arab News, etc.).

Gilles FIORE, treasurer

Gilles has more than 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in business strategy and digital marketing consulting.

He has led technological innovation projects (development of concrete solutions, project management) in the fields of artificial intelligence and trusted cybersecurity.

Daniel BALOCHE, vice-president

Daniel has 37 years of experience in the Information Technology and High-Tech industries in which he has occupied mission-critical positions; from project manager to consultant, to Product (marketing) manager and strategic alliances. In the past few years, he has acquired unique expertise in Cybersecurity and Zero Trust strategy. As a Project Manager and Principal Investigator, he has worked with U.S. federal Agencies like DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and DoD (Department of Defense) on critical cybersecurity projects

Christophe DUBOIS DAMIEN, vice-president

External auditor PriceWaterhouseCoopers, internal audit management, financial management in an industrial then financial environment (Thomson Group then Altus Finance), headhunter (Euroconsulting), Ceo of SAS 01Innovation. Founder and moderator of the « Entretiens économiques d’IESF » (IESF Economic Talks), whose aim is to help people understand the opportunities and threats posed by the new economic paradigm arising from the 3rd industrial revolution of 1980, which uses data as an input. Graduate of Sciences Po Paris (financial economics) and lawyer. Emeritus member of the Académie de l’intelligence économique.

Samuel ETIENNE, Deputy General Secretary

I’m a results-driven Project Manager and entrepreneur with expertise in construction, specializing in overseeing diverse projects from residential to industrial. Currently at AI Tayar CGI & Noach Real Estate, I thrive in dynamic environments. Skilled in collaboration and cutting-edge technologies, I ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, and uphold top-quality standards. I excel in fostering collaboration among cross-functional teams, working closely with architects, engineers, subcontractors, lawyers and clients to ensure projects uphold the highest quality standards. Thriving in dynamic and fast-paced environments, I leverage cutting-edge construction technologies and methodologies to consistently drive optimal project outcomes. My unwavering dedication to staying ahead of industry trends, coupled with my relentless pursuit of excellence, has led to a track record of successful projects and top-notch clients.

Nazah BENADDI, deputy treasurer

Benaddi Nazha, currently President of the Association Cultures du Monde France-Maroc, has over 15 years’ experience in the associative, social and cultural fields. As a leader, she deploys her skills to strengthen diplomatic ties between France and Morocco, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, while playing a crucial role as a business broker.

For the past 42 years, she has also held a position in the Communications Department of Neuilly-sur-Seine Town Hall, where she uses her social and cultural expertise to serve the community. Her commitment is not limited to her professional duties; she is also involved in projects aimed at improving education in disadvantaged regions, promoting cultural diversity through artistic and tourism initiatives, and supporting entrepreneurs in various sectors such as technology and agriculture.

Eric BRESSON, Director

As a former Saint Cyrien officer and university engineer, I have worked in the IT sector in major international groups.

After leaving IBM in 2011, I specialised in Cloud and Cybersecurity, joining companies such as Hexatome, Metanext Consulting, DFI, Thésée Data Center and Alcandre, a recruitment agency specialising in IT and Cybersecurity.

I was able to successfully market Cyber services and consultancy to a number of key accounts such as SNCF, BNP Paribas, Framatome, Engie and EDF, and I was able to develop a very good C-level network with integrators such as Sopra Steria, Atos, Devoteam and Airbus.