We are helping French IT companies, software publishers and service providers to cope with this new economic climate. We help them to increase their sales thanks to a highly attractive, results-oriented business model. Our experience and expertise of the US market enable our customers to conquer this difficult market.

Beyond technology, Succeeding in your intelligent and secure digital transformation01 Innovation Technologies supports organizations and employees through artificial intelligence and trusted, high-critical cybersecurity.

01 Innovation Technologies is a digital transformation consultancy supported by a collective of multidisciplinary and complementary profiles in the fields of artificial intelligence and trusted cybersecurity.

It assists its clients in the development of their business or IT transformation strategies, in the management of their projects and in the adaptation of an operational model to scale up.

Having its headquarters in Hong Kong (香港) Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (HKSAR), ITGIUM was created in 2010.

ITGIUM has two branches in China mainland: Bīnhǎi Xīn Qū (滨海新区) in the municipality of Tianjin (天津) and Qīngyuǎn (清远) located in the Guangdong province (广东).

ITGIUM provides mainly consultancy services mainly in the chemical field.

Since 2010, the company has contributed to the improvement of notable technologies, mainly in the chemical field, as for instance:

– Chemical treatment of hazardous material (asbestos, lead, etc.)

– Chemical and mechanical solutions to improve sediment recovery and recycling management in a more environmentally friendly

– Energy savings efficiency (apartment buildings and offices).

Since 2010, 67 surveys and studies have been commissioned and conducted by ITGIUM on topics regarding the technology enhancement and transfer as well as on environmental factors, norms certification, product’s market procedure.

ITgium has attended 32 conferences on environment technologies issues, as for instance, in China PRC, the International Technology Transfer (ITTC) in Beijing and Guiyang (Guizhou province) on April 2014, the 2nd China Building Economy Summit Chengdu on April 2018.

Since 2017, ITGIUM acts as an integrated trading interface from products sourcing to their ultimate delivery to customers.

ADONIS VENTURES GROUP is a top-of-the-range international lobbying firm, specialising in bringing together country Presidents, Diplomats and exceptional decision-makers, dedicated to making the most of their experience and analysis, their networks and their forward-looking vision of today’s and tomorrow’s world.
The only platform of its kind in the world, providing advice and decision-making support to company directors, industrialists, institutions, investors, business introducers, bankers and family offices, as well as putting people in touch with each other and mediating in sensitive negotiations, thanks to a multi-sector database updated in real time.

Because your cloud project also involves transformations within your company, it is also important to be able to understand them and to be supported throughout the process so that these transformations become a success and not a failure in the evolution of your business.

The European Chinese Culture Exhibition Hall (ECCEH) under its French name, CENTRE D’EXPOSITION EUROPEEN POUR LA CULTURE CHINOISE (CEECC) was established in 2013 with its headquarters in Paris.

The European Chinese Culture Exhibition Hall (ECCEH) is a state regulated association and state-approved by the decree 1901.

Its main goal is to encourage creative endeavor between France and China.

The tasks entrusted are the ones as follows:

–  Better mutual knowledge between the two countries with a particular focus to their cultural and historical heritage.

–  Preparation and monitoring of cultural, tourism and environmental projects.

–  Fostering exchanges of skills and know-how.

ZAPIT is an outsourcing company.

Having its headquarters in Zhōushān City (舟山) located ibn the Zhèjiāng province (浙江), ZHOUSHAN ASIA-PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD (ZAPIT) is specialized in international trade, mainly in the areas of agricultural products/aquatic products, AI or IT equipment’s and marine engineering.

Ltd, founded in 1976 (Taikang Boiler Factory), products include gas boilers, hot water boilers, steam boilers, natural gas boilers and other 23 series of more than 190 kinds of products. It is the birthplace of Taikang Boiler in Henan Province, a large-scale enterprise designated by the state to produce Class A boilers, D1 and D2 pressure vessels, and a designated enterprise for installation and maintenance of Class 1 boilers.

The products are sold to more than 30 provinces and regions in China, and exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Vietnam, Myanmar, South Africa, Bangladesh, Russia and other countries.