Oplaa Financial Commitee

OPLAA Financial Committee gathers various world financial personalities in order to participate directly or indirectly in the economic model change of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These include:


A major financial French executive, chairman of Fondinvest, a financial company with a total asset of 1.4 billion.

Founded in 1994, Fondinvest Capital is an independent management company investing in private equity funds with a focus on the European lower and mid-market. Fondinvest Capital aims to offer its investors privileged access to the best performance in the European small and mid-market. By investing through primary funds and secondary funds, Fondinvest Capital is well positioned to benefit from the synergies in both market strategies.

Since inception, Fondinvest Capital has grown consistently and has established close relationships with high-quality institutional investors worldwide. The company has launched four secondary funds and four primary funds of funds and has managed a number of separate accounts.

Yison CHEN (China PRC)

Former Vice-President of Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank, through his current company, Pallas Global Futures, he plays an important role in the financial arrangements linked to Chinese investments on Wall Street, fundraising, but also in the real estate in New York and New Jersey.

Ge JING (China PRC)

Ge Jing, currently deputy director of China International Buddhist Foundation, managing partner of CICC Holdings Fund, investment partner of Heyi Capital, PhD in Finance from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, MBA from La Trobe University in Australia, and RFP registered financial planner in the United States, 10 With a TMT industrial investment background of more than 20 years, she participated in the investment and construction of China’s backbone network. He is the founder of Zhongrong Lianxin Asset Management Co., Ltd. and participated in the issuance, fundraising and investment of many overseas bonds. She was a partner of Oriental Gaosheng Equity Fund and Zhongxiang Capital partner, with a managed fund size of 3.5 billion yuan.

In addition, the China Buddhist Foundation accepts overseas donations and is the only fund recognized by international anti-money laundering regulatory agencies. It can accept large-amount overseas donations and make targeted investments.

Liu LIJUN (China PRC)

Prominent businessman based in Shenzhen who main task is the international development of Chinese IT & AI companies, with a special focus in their asset financial valuation

Jessica ZHU (China PRC)


Beijing Zhongyuan zhihui Information Consulting Co., Ltd is the member of the Swis csham China. The Sino-Swiss Innovation Center, established by Beijing Zhongyuanzhihui Information Consulting Co., Ltd. (SHARE) and located in several first and second-tier cities in China, has been strongly supported by the Swiss Chamber of Commerce. Our company has built a business development platform for Swiss enterprises investing in China that strengthens the cooperation and innovation between Chinese and Swiss enterprises. The Sino-Swiss Innovation Center has settled in Beijing, Zhengzhou, and Rizhao, and the number of cities continues to increase. 

The Sino-Swiss Innovation Center project plans to build China’s largest international enterprise cooperation platform by taking advantage of China’s market and capital in the next three to five years. Focus on biomedicine, high-end equipment manufacturing, financial technology, and other industries and introduces several high-tech projects and R & D teams from Switzerland and other European countries. We help these projects and teams cooperate with Chinese enterprises to realize the industrial agglomeration and accelerate the growth of enterprises.


American-Peruvian businesswoman, specializing in real estate in New York. Additionally, she runs a trading company in Lima, Peru.