Our sponsorship offers that you could consider, depending on the characteristics

Financial sponsorship: Sponsors can contribute financially to your association in exchange for various benefits, such as visibility of their logo on your communication media, mention of their name in your events, or even promotional links on your website.

Event sponsorship: If your association organises events, you can offer specific sponsorship for these occasions. This could include brand visibility at the event, the opportunity to place promotional stands, or even exclusive sponsorship of the event.

Sponsorship in kind: Some sponsors may prefer to provide goods or services rather than money. In exchange, you could offer their company visibility on your promotional material or at your events.

Specific programme or project sponsorship: If your association runs specific projects, you could offer dedicated sponsorship for a particular programme. This allows the sponsor to show their support for a specific cause that matches their values.

Communication sponsorship: Offer sponsors the opportunity to appear in your communications, newsletters and on your social networks. You can also include their logo on your website and in your printed material.

Content sponsorship: If your association produces content, whether articles, videos or podcasts, offer sponsors the chance to include them in this content, with special mentions or advertising messages.

Technology sponsorship: If your association uses specific technologies, consider offering technology sponsorship, where sponsors provide equipment or technological solutions in exchange for visibility.

Sponsor loyalty programme: Create a loyalty programme for recurring sponsors, offering additional benefits to those with a long-term commitment.

The aim is to create mutually beneficial partnerships that are attractive to all parties involved.

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